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How can I make my counterpart understand me?

By using the right tools!

  1. Corporate culture
  2. International negotiation
  3. Co-operation

Cultural differences are often the root of misunderstandings. Working across cultures requires a special understanding of values, rules and behaviors different from your own.

This concerns: 

  • head office versus foreign divisions/subsidiaries
  • negotiation with foreign business partners
  • stationing
  • merging of companies and divisions
  • in-house communication, e.g. between sales department and stockroom

It is possible to take advantage of the diversity within companies or between business partners. If you have an understanding of other cultures, you possess the tools to optimise negotiations and to understand different markets and ways of thinking. 

We make you a competent negotiating partner, who understands the rules and standpoint of your counterpart. You will gain success in the collaboration with international colleagues and business partners.